We conduct economic analyses to help create sustainable places for people to live and work.

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Our highly experienced staff use their technical knowledge to guide planning and investment efforts in:

  • Public Finance
  • Fiscal and Economic Impact Analyses
  • Economic Development and Retail Strategies
  • Market and Feasibility Analyses
  • Real Estate Advisory Services
  • Transit-Oriented Development
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We combine technical expertise with strong communication to address complex projects and deliver work that is tailored to each client’s needs.

Value Capture Studies

Strategic Economics has completed multiple studies evaluating the use of value capture strategies and innovative financing mechanisms to pay for transportation infrastructure. We have worked closely with groups in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Pennsylvania and, most recently, Honolulu to understand the specific opportunities and limitations associated with local financing mechanisms.

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Affordable Housing Financing Studies in Silicon Valley

In San Mateo County, our team of experts conducted economic analysis to measure the impact of new development on the need for affordable housing, and calculate a development impact fee to mitigate those impacts. In other California communities like Mountain View, we calculated the value of additional density to developers and property owners in order to establish a public benefits financing strategy that would help to fund a variety of community priorities, including: preservation of wetlands, parks, and affordable housing.

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Infrastructure Financing and Implementation Strategies

We have extensive national experience assisting communities with innovative financing strategies to fund infrastructure improvements in locations like the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Clara County, Boston, Massachusetts, Honolulu, Hawaii, Cobb County, Georgia and Wheat Ridge, Colorado. In all of our selected examples, Strategic Economics has worked closely with cities and counties to develop strategies that maximize the potential for the private market to assist with financing public benefits, without compromising the economic viability of new development.

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We work with public and private clients across the country.

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