SE Attending RAIL~VOLUTION! Sept 21-24

railNadine and Sarah will be at Rail~Volution next week in Minneapolis starting Sunday!

This event brings together people who are passionate about building livable communities with transit.

Sneak Peak!

Tues10-11:30 Value Capture: Myth or Reality?  (w/Nadine)

Capturing the value of public transit investments can be a tricky business. Everybody has a vested interest. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. Value capture strategies include joint development, special assessment districts, tax increment financing and development impact fees. But how much of the value actually makes it back to the transit agency? Where have these strategies been successful and why? What does the FTA think about value capture? Explore the concepts of value capture, learn from real projects and hear the latest thinking directly from the FTA.



Strategic EconomicsSE Attending RAIL~VOLUTION! Sept 21-24