Design Fort Ord Charrette

Dena and Alison are attending the Design Fort Ord Charrette this month. The goal of this charrette is to develop design guidelines to ensure that future development on the former Fort Ord army base supports the cohesive, sustainable reuse of the base, while maintaining the visual character of the Monterey Peninsula which plays a major role in supporting the area’s attractiveness as a destination for many visitors every year.   Strategic Economics’ role has been to provide the economic analysis necessary to ensure that the guidelines will be implementable given current real estate market conditions, while also allowing for the flexibility to respond to unanticipated development opportunities in the longer term. Dena is presenting at the Work-in-Progress Presentation this Wednesday. She also spoke in January at the Fort Ord Trails Symposium about the economic benefits of improved transportation connectivity. Learn more about this project: Ord Charette 02-2015

Strategic EconomicsDesign Fort Ord Charrette