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Strategic EconomicsAssociates Positions!
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FlavioFlavio Coppola.

Mr. Coppola focuses on assessing the economic impact of housing and transportation projects, and on elaborating data-driven local economic development strategies for cities and regions. Before joining Strategic Economics, Mr. Coppola helped design local economic development strategies in France, conducted urban planning research in London, and worked in transportation planning in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Strategic Economics
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4th Annual San Francisco Multifamily Affordable Housing Summit

Bisnow and the leaders of the commercial real estate community will be discussing the state of the San Francisco multifamily market. Their all-star panelists will break down current trends, the impact of the economy and job growth on the market, capital markets and investment activity, and the effect of new requirements in sustainability and innovation on development. Dominic Mazza will be in attendance!

Event: 4th Annual San Francisco Multifamily Summit

Event Time: 7:30 AM

Event Date: Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Event Location: The Intercontinental Hotel San Francisco





Strategic Economics4th Annual San Francisco Multifamily Affordable Housing Summit
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Warm Springs/South Fremont Community Plan in the News

628x471It’s great to see our work in the news! A recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle praised the Warm Springs/South Fremont Community Plan. Strategic Economics partnered with Economic  & Planning Systems to provide the economic and market support for that plan, including an in-depth examination of local, national, and global industry trends impacting this significant industrial site located in the central Bay Area. By clarifying the area’s critical role as a future, central, transit-accessible employment center, the analysis helped lay the groundwork for the plan’s emphasis on accommodating job growth.


Strategic EconomicsWarm Springs/South Fremont Community Plan in the News
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SE Attending RAIL~VOLUTION! Sept 21-24

railNadine and Sarah will be at Rail~Volution next week in Minneapolis starting Sunday!

This event brings together people who are passionate about building livable communities with transit.

Sneak Peak!

Tues10-11:30 Value Capture: Myth or Reality?  (w/Nadine)

Capturing the value of public transit investments can be a tricky business. Everybody has a vested interest. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. Value capture strategies include joint development, special assessment districts, tax increment financing and development impact fees. But how much of the value actually makes it back to the transit agency? Where have these strategies been successful and why? What does the FTA think about value capture? Explore the concepts of value capture, learn from real projects and hear the latest thinking directly from the FTA.



Strategic EconomicsSE Attending RAIL~VOLUTION! Sept 21-24
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AIA/APA Symposium Event: Financial Obstacles to Infill Development

Nadine Fogarty will be attending a symposium on the evening of Wed. September 17, in which leading economists and development professionals will talk about the relationship between what city’s require and how well they leverage community benefits. The event begins at 5:45pm and is co-sponsored by AIA East Bay and Northern California APA.  It will be held at 1405 Clay Street in downtown Oakland.

For more information, please go to:  http://aiaeb.org/2014/08/mpsept2014/

Strategic EconomicsAIA/APA Symposium Event: Financial Obstacles to Infill Development
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Creating Connected Communities Guidebook Released

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development just released “Creating Connected Communities: A Guidebook for Improving Transportation Connections for Low- and Moderate-Income Households in Small and Mid-Sized Cities,” which Strategic Economics wrote in partnership with the Center for Neighborhood Technology and Reconnecting America as part of the Center for Transit-Oriented Development.
UntitledThe guidebook provides elected officials, city staff members, and community leaders in small and midsize cities with strategies for improving the transportation choices available to low- and moderate-income households. Strategic Economics’ principal Sarah Graham will present the guidebook at Rail~volution in September. In the meantime, you can download the guidebook on HUD’s website.

Strategic EconomicsCreating Connected Communities Guidebook Released
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APA Chapter Awards

We’re on a roll! The recent award announcements by the California Chapters of the APA have given Strategic Economics cause for celebration. The Inland Empire Section gave a Best Practices award to the Economic Development and Land Use Strategy for College Heights in the City of Upland. Teaming with PlaceWorks (formerly The Planning Center/DC+E) and Fehr & Peers, Strategic Economics created an economic development strategy which moves beyond the realm of “business attraction, retention and expansion” to consider the City’s economic health from a variety of perspectives, including land use, fiscal sustainability, and quality of employment opportunities. The strategy includes a detailed inventory of implementation tools and policies tailored to reflect local workforce, economic conditions and building stock in the study area, and a summary of external resources available to local businesses, with a focus on tools for small business and the manufacturing industry.

In addition, the APA California-Northern Section gave an Award of Excellence in the Best Practices category to the 21 Elements/Grand Nexus Study. Strategic Economics and Vernazza Wolfe Associates, Inc. are preparing the “Grand Nexus Study,” a multi-jurisdictional affordable housing nexus and impact fee feasibility study. The Grand Nexus Study, which will be completed in December, is being conducted in conjunction with “21 Elements,” a collaborative project managed by the San Mateo County Department of Housing and Baird + Driskell Community Planning that aims to encourage and assist with the production and certification of high quality Housing Elements in San Mateo County. Project partners in 21 Elements and in the Grand Nexus Study include the California Department of Housing and Community Development, the San Mateo County Department of Public Health, Enterprise Community Partners, Inc., and all twenty-one jurisdictions in San Mateo County.

The Bergamot Area Plan was recognized by the Los Angeles Section of the APA California Chapter with the Outstanding Planning Achievement Award for a Small Jurisdiction for 2014. For this project, Strategic Economics, teaming with PlaceWorks, conducted a detailed market study and financial feasibility analysis to assist the City of Santa Monica and the consultant team identify land uses and building types that were both economically feasible and consistent with the goals of local business owners, residents and other stakeholders. Strategic Economics also worked with City staff to develop a funding and financing strategy to guide the implementation of the area plan.

Strategic EconomicsAPA Chapter Awards
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SF Chronicle Features Strategic Economic’s Report on Chain Stores in San Francisco

Strategic Economics’ draft report on San Francisco’s regulations of chain stores (or “formula retail”) was featured in today’s San Francisco Chronicle. The City and County of San Francisco is considering a number of changes to existing regulations on where chain stores can locate within the city. In order to inform the policy decision, the City hired Strategic Economics to assess the role existing chain stores play in serving the daily shopping needs of residents, and the extent to which formula retail adds or detracts from the aesthetic character and economic vibrancy of the City’s neighborhood commercial districts. The study also includes the first comprehensive effort to identify and map all of San Francisco’s existing chain stores, as well as research into topics such as the employment and real estate impacts of chain retailers. We hope you’ll take a look at the draft report or the Chronicle’s summary!

Strategic EconomicsSF Chronicle Features Strategic Economic’s Report on Chain Stores in San Francisco
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Report Published By “Public Works”

Last April, we told you about the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s release of our report on existing and emerging tools for financing infrastructure for transit-oriented development in this blog post.

Recently, our colleague at CH2MHill published an article in Public Works, featuring the report.  The article has just been posted to the Public Works website as part of the January 2014 annual outlook issue.  You can view it  here.

Strategic EconomicsReport Published By “Public Works”
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